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“Experiential marketing” (also known as experience marketing or emotional marketing) proposes that the satisfaction perceived in the value proposition offered by a product or service is intimately linked to the experience offered before the purchase and during its consumption.

Although traditional marketing focuses on basic aspects of a product such…

AOOS’ cover — an event supported by Management 3.0 practices like feedback wrap, thanks to Agile611 for the image

(remote edition)

Given the pandemic conditions, a group of agility professionals took on the task of creating a different proposal focused on those people who wanted to know about agility, customer-centered design, and excellent technical practices. Thus was born the Agile Online Open Space was the first Global Open Space in Spanish…

Professional Scrum Developer training board created by C0de-@venger$ members (little glitch for copyright design)

One of the things that make Management 3.0 practices so great is that it has such a wide range. A month ago I had an excellent opportunity to learn by being part of training in Professional Scrum Developing given by trainer Guillem Hernandez.

This experience consisted of developing a video…

Celebration Grid on the results of the implementation of the service improvement of an important global company based in Panama (Photo powered by, Consulting process developed by Ulises Gonzalez through Prozess Group in May 2020)

(blended edition)

Feedback. A key action that strengthens the relationships between the different components of a value chain. Once the flow becomes visible, a really valuable step is to establish different feedback moments both to align ideas and expectations and to solve doubts and possible conflicts. …

Change management game applied in DevOps implementation with several teams

“All the effort of building a web requires a great commitment to innovation and flexibility. The final result and the process of creating the final result are characterized by the ability to adapt to changing environments, environments that are constantly changing, and allow unexpected intrusions. Therefore, you can never think…

Ulises Gonzalez

Panama City, Panama

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